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Issuing time:2019-02-27 18:27

We produce cable joint (explosion/fire-proof) protector with the case made from custom made aluminum magnesium alloy and stainless steel, which is magnet-free and of high strength, excellent elasticity, good memory and high corrosion resistance.

The product is fire/explosion-proof as well as sealed waterproof. The sealed and enclosed structure is available in two types – maintenance free and maintenance.

The case is in the middle and on both sides there is one broad energy and pressure relief hole. On the passage side, there are two working windows for repair or changing materials.

The energy and pressure relief hole can be connected with the draft tube according to the on-site needs. The tube may be straight or oblique 45 degrees or to the other direction.

Inside the case there are the explosion and shock buffer and damping and fire-proof layer. When fire or explosion happens to the cable joint, the special-made, reinforced and elastic fire-proof material may protect it from fire (it will inflate instead of burning in contact of fire, inflating maximum to 10 times). At the same time, it absorbs part of the shock and buffer to reduce the explosion impact.

There is the internal automatic fire extinguishing device. When the breakdown causes the fire, the all sealed-up and energy-relief protector will extinguish the fire immediately.

This product prevents the cable joint from soaking in the water while operating, damping and admitting air.

Once the cable joint explodes and catches on fire, the fire-fighting device will immediately and automatically put out the fire as well as dilute the large amount of heat. As a result, the temperature is lowered down and the fire is extinguished, which effectively stops the fire and poisonous gas from spreading around.

For ground wire, it can be at any screw position and cable stand. When the explosion happens, the shock comes directly to the internal elastic explosion/fire-proof materials (inflating maximum to 10 times), and again to the aluminum magnesium alloy case. Because the case (stainless steel) is grounded, so when the explosion shock and power arc pounds the case, the grounded neutral point has already shunted part of the short-circuit current and averagely diverted the power arc.

This product is able to effectively control the loss within the cable joint protector and fully solve the problems of spontaneous combustion and explosion of long-running cable joints.

It provides a better operation environment, reduce the accident rate and lower the loss to the maximum during the accident.

Our products are easy to install, safe and reliable with stable performance. By far, it is available with the highest voltage level, most complete series and models. The products are the most unique, exclusive excellent and distinguishing among similar types of products, bringing high value to China and the world.