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PEB series cable intermediate joint waterproof fireproof explosion-proof device introduction

Issuing time:2019-02-26 10:48

The main material of the mine explosion-proof products is thick iron plate or steel plate. If the main material of the explosion-proof product does not have the iron or steel component, it will not achieve the purpose and effect of anti-explosion; the mine explosion-proof product will not see through the water or In the case of gas explosion accidents, the use environment is ideal; nowadays our city distribution network transformation, construction use of cables and their operation is more complicated than mining cables, so the power system uses cable intermediate joint fire explosion-proof box It is necessary to achieve the desired results.

The explosion protection of the cable intermediate joint fireproof explosion-proof box product means that the explosion-proof effect can be achieved only when the cable fire-proof explosion-proof box product is completely sealed. When the cable intermediate joint is sparked by the breakdown, the product body is not sealed as a whole. If there is air circulation inside, it will spontaneously ignite, which will lead to a major cable fire accident. Therefore, if the cable joint explosion-proof explosion-proof box product is not fully sealed, it is impossible to achieve the fireproof and explosion-proof effect.

PEB series cable intermediate joint fireproof explosion-proof box product shell material is made of imported non-magnetic material and explosion-proof steel. The housing is integrally formed at one time without solder joints.

The product is fully sealed, fully enclosed structure, waterproof, fireproof, explosion-proof, heat-insulating and maintenance-free; the product is accompanied by fire-resistant auxiliary materials. When the cable fails, the fire-proof explosion-proof box adopts the squeeze-type fully sealed structure to fully solve The long-term operation of the cable intermediate joint occurs spontaneous combustion or explosion damage and other cables in the cable trench, effectively preventing cable accidents, minimizing accident losses, and reducing the long-term water and moisture in the cable joints and the operating environment. Accident. The explosion-proof box casing can withstand the impact of super-explosive explosion in an instant, and the fully sealed flame-retardant performance of the casing can ensure that the inside of the casing cannot generate flame due to the absence of air circulation.

This product is easy to install, safe and reliable, stable in performance, cost-effective, and requires no professional training. It is the only unique and original product of all similar products, and is the most outstanding and most distinctive product in the industry. After the installation is completed, the intermediate connection part of the cable intermediate joint does not sag, and it is always in a horizontal state. Even if the cable intermediate joint is prevented from being immersed in water for a long time, it is not affected, and the probability that the intermediate joint is influent or dampened to cause an accident is run for the power cable. Provide effective, safe and reliable protection.