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What is the difference between a fireproof explosion-proof box and a fireproof box?

Issuing time:2016-03-16 15:25

Explosion-proof cable refers to the explosion-proof function in the case of full-sealing. If the cable is sparked when it breaks down, if there is no oxygen and air inside the seal, it will spontaneously ignite; thus causing cable fire or explosion; In the case of failure to achieve full sealing, it is impossible to achieve fire and explosion-proof effects.

As is known to all, in addition to explosion-proof lamps for mining explosion-proof electrical products, the outer casings of other mining explosion-proof products are almost all non-ferrous or steel, and their commonality is that the casings are relatively thick. This is because the use of the mine is relatively harsh and the requirements for mine explosion-proof products.

According to the analysis, there are two reasons for cable fires, namely internal fire sources and external fire sources. The internal fire source mainly refers to the overload current transmission of the cable, the impedance of the cable joint, the aging of the insulation or the partial discharge of the cable itself, resulting in temperature rise on the cable surface, smoldering of the cable insulation layer and the protective layer, accompanied by a large amount of heat, The generation of combustible gas, as the temperature rises further, produces smoke, which leads to a more serious fire. The external fire source refers to other fire sources in the cable tunnel and cable interlayer and various fire sources outside the tunnel. An external source of ignition can cause the surface of the cable to catch fire while generating a large amount of heat and smoke.